On & Off Duty was founded in January 2018 by Monica Modzelewski. On & Off Duty, once known as Caravan of Style, is a space where women of all ages can gain inspiration for stylish and fun workplace style.

By mixing both high-end and affordable pieces, the goal of On & Off Duty is to showcase that women are able to dress stylishly while feeling comfortable and confident in the workplace.  I hope to inspire, motivate, share, and grow with readers through photos and content dedicated to empowering professional women to look and feel their best.




Hello! I’m Monica Modzelewski, the blogger behind On & Off Duty. I’m a 30 year old young professional woman living in the city of Chicago.

I first started blogging in 2012 under the name “Caravan of Style” as an creative outlet for myself post-grad. During the 6+ years of blogging under Caravan of Style, I was able to move to Chicago and meet some wonderful friends and brands along the way.

As I approached my 30th year in 2018, I decided that Caravan of Style no longer fit who I was as a person. During the last few years in my 20’s, I grew not only personally but professionally as well. My career in Human Resources & Recruitment working for a variety of technology startup companies in the Chicago area has allowed me grow and expand my creativity. From providing career coaching to interview tips, I love to share the knowledge I’ve learned with others.

As a young woman who has written many corporate dress codes in her day, I believe that personal style can have a place in corporate America. I wanted to share not only my personal “off duty” style with my readers, but also share outfit inspiration that women can also wear when they are “on duty” in the workplace.

Welcome to On & Off Duty!