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What to wear this summer to the office

Can you believe that it’s already Monday again. I felt like this weekend went by in such a flash, I hardly got to enjoy it.

That seems to always be the case when we start creeping toward the end of summer. The days go by so quickly, I tend to forget to sit and appreciate the days that we do have left.

What I am looking forward to this week is my European vacation. I’m heading off to France and Spain with my U30X (get $100 off your trip with code: ORD) crew on Thursday and I can’t wait. A little time away from the hustle and bustle of life is just what I need to cap off this amazing summer.

Since the majority of my wardrobe is current packed and ready to jet set off, I’m down to just a few key wardrobe pieces to make it through the rest of the work week.

When it comes to my work wear style, I’ve prioritized comfort above all else. As much as I love a sheath dress, I hate how restricting they can be. I’m constantly moving and talking with my hands so I need to wear something that allows me to move. I work in a more business casual office setting, therefore a satin camisole and a-line skirt have become my go-to outfit choice.

I picked up this lovely baroque black and white printed skirt from Ann Taylor earlier this week. It runs large so size down! The print makes it a great pattern to wear through summer and into the fall season, plus you can’t go wrong with classic black and white in the office.

Work to wear baroque black and white ann taylor skirt Ann Taylor Baroque Black and White Skirt Furla Handbag and Kate Spade Sandals A classic baroque black and white skirt for under $100


::  Satin Cami | Baroque Skirt | Handbag | Sandals | Lipstick ::

:: Photography by Christine Dubay ::


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