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A great holiday outfit to wear to your office holiday party

:: Helmut Lang Dress | New Look Sequin Jacket
| Sam Edelman Yardley Heels | J.Crew Earrings ::

Does anyone get extra giddy during this time of the year because they can pull out and wear every single sequin piece they own? No, just me? Okay well…..

Truth be told, I feel like sequin is the unofficial fabric of the holiday season and instantly becomes appropriate for absolutely any setting that you can think of during the holidays. It’s so great that I can get away with wearing as much of my metallic, glitter, and sequin items in December.

I love my sequin dresses and jackets but unfortunately working in a strict corporate environment and being in Human Resources, I rarely wear anything sequin to work. It just wouldn’t be appropriate for the environment I’m in. Except this week is a special occasion. I’m wearing sequin on a work day and I’m thrilled. My companies annual corporate holiday party is taking place this Friday (right before I head out on vacation…lucky me!) and I’m excited to discuss may favorite HR approved way of wearing sequin and glitter on your work days.


When it comes to having fun but keeping it classy at a work event, don’t go overboard. In this case, I paired up a lovely light pink sheath dress that I picked up at the Shopbop sale last month with a fitted sequin jacket. The pop of sequin give my outfit a festive vibe that gets me in the party mood but I kept the rest of my outfit neutral.


Just like any other item in your closet, clothes look better on you when they are fitted to you. I cannot tell you how much money I spend at the tailors, but in all honesty it really makes me feel good to know that my clothes fit me the way that I want them to. This also rings true for your sequin pieces! You have to wear it with confidence and sequin fabrics can be unforgiving. Make you get your nicer items tailored and I bet you’ll end up wearing it way more often if you do!


Just have fun with sequin this season, it was invented to be enjoyed and to have fun in!

What’s you favorite sequin clothing item? Let me know!

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:: Photography by Cassie Guba ::


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