The All Black Look // Pearl Sweater

An under $50 pearl sweater from Zara that's perfect for this winter's work outfit

Hello Monday!

It’s the last full week of the first month of the new year. what a mouthful!  I can’t believe how quickly this month has passed by. It’s extra surprising to me, given that I spent the majority of this month hibernating indoors and barely leaving my apartment.

I won’t lie, it’s been wonderful having so much time to myself. I was able to finish a book I’ve been wanting to read forever (even if it was disappointing – anyone else not like Into the Water?) and catch up on some televisions shows I’ve been meaning to watch.

Ready for a secret of mine? I own a television but it barely is turned on. If I turn on my television more than a handful of times in a month, it’s a shock. These days I feel like I would rather spend my time else-wear than parking it in front of the tv.

This past weekend, I made a bit of an exception as I was alerted to the fact that my favorite show from my college days was now streaming! Did anyone else love watching Kell on Earth?!? For those of you that weren’t aware, The Queen of fashion PR – Kelly Cutrone once had her own reality tv show on Bravo and I was obsessed!

I love everything about her brass honesty and the way she looked so damn powerful in her all back ensembles as she took down the fashion world. I was set to graduate that year with my business degree and almost considered a career change to Public Relations! I’m honestly glad that I didn’t but who knows where I would be these days…

If there was one thing I picked up from that show that still sticks with today, it’s the fact that an all black outfit can make you feel like your the most powerful woman in the world. I think that’s part of why in recent years I’ve transitioned so much of my wardrobe towards darker pieces; I feel so much more confident when I’m wearing all black.

Last week, I decided to mix my power outfit with something more trendy for this outfit that I wore to work. Pearl sweaters have been a huge trend this winter season and I must say, I’m totally loving the soft feminine touch to a winter staple. I picked up this pearl sweater at Zara for $50! Paired with my new go-to black skirt (seriously you guys, it’s $22 and the best to-go skirt I’ve ever owned, I wore it last week like this) and a collared shirt, I felt amazing and still kept it professional for the workplace.

With temperatures set to drop down dramatically again this week, I plan to re-wear this look again later this week. It might even swap out my Monday red dress!


How to wear a pearl sweater to the office Why you should wear this pearl sweater to the office

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How to pull off an all black outfit to the office this winter with this elegant all pearl sweater

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