This Holiday Season….

Hello Friends! It’s been awhile…

Can you guys believe that tomorrow is already Thanksgiving! For the first time ever, I’m hosting Thanksgiving for my family who is currently making their way to Chicago. I’m partially thrilled and stressed out all at the same time. Now I know exactly what my mom goes through every single year. 

I know I’ve been a bit MIA these past few months on the blog and while It wasn’t intentional, I definitely needed some rest to allow my creative mind to reset. I’ve definitely been feeling zapped on the energy front since I got back from my European vacation in September.

On the personal front, I’ve been one hell of a travel bee with trips back home to see my college BFF get married, a trip to Austin, TX (loved it!) and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I’m so happy to have so many friends celebrating huge milestones this year. I’m even more thrilled that I get to be part of it all.

I mentioned a few months ago that I accepted a new and challenging job with a consulting firm and for the first time in my adult career, I feel like I’m exactly where I should be career wise. My team is amazing and I’m thrilled with the work that I’m doing. So for those of you that feel a stuck in your jobs, my only advice to you is to keep looking for bigger and better things, because finding the right job can make a world of a difference in your everyday life.

So what’s on my agenda this holiday season? Beside getting all my Christmas shopping knocked out before December hits, I’m keeping my holiday plans this year simple. Nicole wrote an amazing post earlier this month on automating your life and I plan to use many of her tips and tricks to get me through this holiday season.

As for my Christmas wish list this year, well thankfully SHOPBOP is running an amazing holiday sale right now! (code: MORE17) I’ve rounded up my favorite items from the sale below, with this Cupcakes & Cashmere blazer on the very top of my wish list. I’ve been looking for a simple navy blazer forever and I feel like I’ve finally hit the jackpot with this style.

What else is on my holiday season agenda. Well I’m taking each day one step at a time and enjoying the time I have with my family and friends. I’m choosing to be present this season; no more stress, no more “doing it for the ‘gram” moments. I’m excited to take these last few weeks of the year and really knock it out of the park. 2018 is coming up fast and I’ve got a list of things I can’t wait to accomplish.

:: Graphic Print Dress (wearing a XS in these photos) | Heels | Lip Color ::



:: Photography by Christine Dubay ::


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  1. November 22, 2017 / 11:15 am

    Hope your Thanksgiving hosting is AMAZING!! Let’s catch up after the holiday.


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