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Zara White Collar Black Dress

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you may have noticed that over these past two years little black dresses have become a everyday closet staple of mine. Not only are they versatile enough to take you from the office to happy hour, but it’s also the most flattering color for just about anyone.

Since I moved a few months ago to a new apartment, my closet space has taken a nose dive in the space department. It’s probably the thing I miss the most about my old apartment…

In an effort to streamline my wardrobe, I’ve let go of some of my boldly colored dresses (that rarely got any wear) in favor for a few embellished black dresses like this one that I picked up for under $50 at Zara.

I love a good faux white collar, especially since it gives me the same polished effect without all the bulk that traditionally goes with styling a white button down shirt under a dress. If you aren’t into the embellished white collar it’s removable; basically it’s a two in one dress! With a 3/4 sleeve, the perfect length to keep you warm with just a light jacket, it’s become my holy grail dress for the season.

Embellished white collar black dress from Zara

Embellished white collar dress from Zara for under $50
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A black dress with a while collar fro the workpalce
Zara black dress with white embellished collar for under $50
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Photography by Christine Dubay


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