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Budget friendly yellow sundresses for summer

Do any of you notice that you tend to embrace change more during certain times of the year? For me, summer tends to me the season that gives me the energy to energy to try something new, stretch out those comfort zones, and embrace the change around me.

So far this month I changed jobs, signed a lease on a new apartment, and changed out the majority of my wardrobe. I won’t lie to you guys and say that all this change has been easy by any means, but somedays I do feel like I’m becoming a completely different person. It’s the small things really…

Surprisingly enough though, it’s been the change in my wardrobe style that has been the hardest to deal with. I would have never pegged myself as a person who clung to clothes that I no longer liked, but my recent closet clean out was much harder to complete with than I initially expected.

How to wear yellow and blue this summer Yellow Floral Dresses for under $100

When it comes to fashion trends, I tend to admire from afar. I’m pretty comfortable in my bubble and these days, comfort is key to me feeling confident when I step out of my apartment in the mornings. Yet, a part of me always wondered why I dismiss trends before I even give them a shot.

Case in point, the color yellow (a color I’ve avoided because I was a blonde and fair skinned) and cold shoulder top’s (I talk with my hands in the air so this trend looked uncomfortable….)  Low and behold, my favorite dress of the summer so far is this yellow and has a cold shoulder top number from J.O.A.

As a fan of the brand, J.O.A. ,seriously their stuff is so cute and at a great price point, I was instantly attracted to this dress.  While the bright yellow color was intimidating at first, the blue floral print really offset the color. It also helped that I got a bit of color from spending so much time at the beach this past week.

How to wear the COACH tote this summer
COACH Tote in Blue
Revolve Clothing Yellow Floral Dress for under $100 Why yellow is the color of summer 2017

This past weekend, I also got the chance to hand out with some friends I made from my most recent U30X trip to Costa Rica that were visiting Chicago. It’s always wonderful when you ahve the opportunity to catch up with friends you meet during your travels.

We spent some time on the Riverwalk, boozing our way down the river, and I was surprised at just how many compliments I got on this dress. Specially the color of my dress. Go figure!

P.S. For those of you interested in learning more about Under30Experiences ($100 off your trip using code: ORD), feel free to shoot me an email! I’ve personally been on the Iceland & Costa Rican trips.

I’ve also written a quick recap on how I afford to travel while holding down a full time career here.

Why you need to own a yellow floral dress this summer


:: Yellow Floral Dress | Neutral Wedges | COACH Tote (c/o) | Sunglasses |Spike Necklace (old, but love this one)::

:: Photography by Sam Kramer ::


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