A Certain Shade of Green

Why a certain shade of green is my go-to year around color

Whew, guys I’ve officially made it a week into my new gig!

It’s always difficult leaving a comfortable job for something new, but so far the experience has been wonderfully challenging. Never stop challenging yourself to do better.

Since I took a week off in between jobs, I decided it was a great time to clean out my current closet and start bringing in some new pieces. I do keep a separate workwear section of my closet dedicated to just work clothes and over the years, I’ve gotten rid of pieces without really adding something new to the mix.

When it comes to my work wardrobe, I like to take more of a capsule collection approach to my outfits. I stick with a color pallet a variety of shade of green, blue, and pink with neutral accessories and shoes.

Banana Republic is currently having a great sale and I was able to pick up this military jacket green dress for under $100! This particular shade of green is absolutely my favorite, as I feel like it works for any season and on any skin tone. The best part of this dress, it’s got pockets! I swear, pockets have literally saved my sanity when things have gotten extra hectic in the office.

So for those of you that work in an office, what’s your to-go workwear style?

Banana Republic Military Dress

Madewell transport tote in natural
J.Crew Nude Sandals
How to wear certain shades of green this summer season


:: Military Green Dress | Leopard Print Belt | Transport Tote | Nude Sandals (old, but similar here) | Sunglasses ::

:: Photography by Christine Dubay ::



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