Rolling into summer 2017…. + a life update

Oh hey guys, it’s been a while….

Time has a funny way of flying by when you needed it to slow down the most. I’ve been a bit quiet on the social front these past few weeks and the honest truth of it all is that, I’ve just needed a little break from it all.

While the official start of summer comes later this week, these last two weekends have already been pretty epic.¬†Before I let you guys in on my summer bucket list, I figured we should catch up what’s been happening behind the scene’s in my world.


If you guys caught a few of my insta-stories over Memorial Weekend, you may have noticed that I spent the long weekend in Costa Rica. This trip was a celebration to ring my 29th birthday, and I’m so happy that I was able to get away with one of my closest friends. I figured since I’m entering my last year in this decade, I’m going to start it off with a bang. I had an absolute blast and was thrilled to share the experience with a wonderful group of people.

I don’t plan to share my travel photos on the blog, as I’m keeping this trip personal. However, if anyone has any specific questions for me about Costa Rica or traveling with Under30Experiences ($100 off your trip with code: ORD) , please don’t hesitate to ask!

ICYMI: Please Stop Asking Me How I Afford to Travel


This past April, I found out that I had to move out of my beloved Lincoln Park apartment. To say that i was crushed is a bit of an understatement. I’ve been in my current apartment for over 3 years now and it’s the first place in Chicago that I truly lived on my own. I did a lot of growing up my place, so I’m definitely sad to see it go.

However…just last week I found a new place to live! After looking at over 20+ apartments, I finally found a place that I can call home. I’m moving in later this summer and I’m looking forward to changing up my home decor style.


Speaking of moves…after almost two years with my current company, I’ve accepted a new opportunity with a start up here in Chicago. I’m looking forward to a new and exciting challenge, but it can definitely be hard to leave a job where you feel comfortable.

While I will miss my team the most, I have learned one valuable life lesson these last two weeks. Life unfolds in proportion to your courage. I’m pushing myself straight out of my comfort zone this year and I’m excited to see where things take me.

Life is all about change and I’m looking forward to embracing it all. One area I don’t plan on changing this season is with my wardrobe – floral prints for all! You guys, I basically just bought a new summer wardrobe filled with adorable floral frocks and I make no apologies for it. I know what I feel most comfortable in and I plan to stick with my signature style.

If you are on the hunt for a fun and flirty floral wrap dress, this one from Lulu’s is only $56. I’ve got a lot of plans this summer and most of them include this dress.

So what’ are your plans for summer 2017? I’m planning a stay-cation for the first week of July, so I’m looking for suggestions!


:: Floral Wrap Dress | Stone Necklace (similar necklace found here) | Lace-Up Heels | Tassel Clutch…more colors available here | Sunnies ::

:: Photography by Christine Dubay ::


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