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Chicago Skyline with Holly & Tanager

Growing up in suburban Michigan taught me a lot of value life lessons. I was part of the generation that spent their weekends hanging out with friends at the only mall in my hometown, walking from store to store. It was a fun activity; albeit I ended up purchases way to much lotion from Bath & Body Works during my teenage years.

It wasn’t until I moved to Chicago that I started appreciating small business’s, boutiques, and the concept of “shop local”. Chicago is filled with indie brands and jewelry designers that create beautiful and unique items. It’s really changed the way I shop these days, as I’m more mindful of my purchases.

I was honored to be asked to be part of the spring  lookbook campaign, alongside Peggy, for a new favorite Chicago based handbag company – Holly & Tanager. I’m personally in love with their sidekick mini clutch which has a unique strap that makes it so much more comfortable to wear than any other clutch I own. Also, the bags come in a two-tone color – black & gold which makes it easy to match with just about any outfit.

I’m sharing a few photos from the campaign and will be posting a few more on instagram later today. If you haven’t checked out Holly & Tanager yet, go to their website right now!

P.S. Original outfit photo posted here.

How to wear your reservable clutch this spring season from Holly & Tanager Holly & Tanager Chicago with the Holly & Tanager Reservable Clutch A day at the beach with Holly & Tanager Brunch with Peggy of Hallways are my Runways with Holly & Tanager

:: Photography by Steve Rodich ::


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