How to Sparkle this Month

A chic and casual night out outfit includes a sequin and sparkle blazer and jeans

If there is one thing that I know is for sure, it’s that I’m definitely in a spring state of mind. Last Sunday I made a huge “spring cleaning” list and these last few days, I’ve been determined to knock off as many of those bullet points as possible. First step, tackling my closet.

Twice a year, I go through every single item in my closet and decide if it’s something that needs to go (to be sold or donated) or if it’s something that I can keep. It’s a great exercise in helping you really find your personal style and what items you really feel the most comfortable in.

This week I realized that I had a whole section of jackets, dresses and tops that all had some sparkle and sequin which I’ve mentally dedicated to the holiday season. A thought hit me though, why did I think that sequin and sparkle was only appropriate to wear during the Christmas season? Who says that those items are only appropriate during that time of the year? That’s why I’m bringing all my favorite holiday pieces out for a spin this month.

I’ve learned that it’s all about the balance when it comes to making sequin daytime appropriate. A simple skinny jean and blush colored tank keep it all neutral, while I let my favorite sequin blazer make the statement. A little goes a long way when it comes to sequin pieces and don’t be afraid of darker colors, which makes sequin slightly less reflective. I’m clearly a fan of blush & sequin as I wore this jacket back in December as well. This jacket was under $100 and the most comfortable sequin blazer I’ve ever owned. No itchiness to be found here!

How you guys wear sequin throughout the year? Share your tips in the comments below!

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A simple outfit to wear out this month including a sparkle jacket and jeans


:: Sequin Jacket | Blush Tank Top | Skinny Jeans | Round Toe Pumps | Nude Lipstick ::

:: Photography by Peggy Kollias ::


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