Grey Scale Sweater

How to wear a grey scale sweater this winter

Whoa Monday! Did anyone else have an eventful weekend? It’s been super gloomy in the city recently, to be expected in late January, and I think just about everyone was in need of some natural vitamin D. Thankfully this past Saturday Chicago saw it’s first 60 degree day with some sunshine and you could just feel the energy of the city come to life.

I’ve been battling strep and the flu for over a week now and I think I’ve hit my sick quota for the entire year at this point. With the weather cooperating, I spent the majority of my weekend catching up with close friends and grabbing brunch at Latinicity. (highly recommended for #sundayfunday)

I was thrilled to go out without a full winter puffy jacket on, although this one has been my winter staple for months now, and simply decided to keep my layers loose and casual. I’ve been feeling a bit puffy lately from all the medication I’m on so if anyone knows a quick way to de-puff, please share your secrets! I recently picked up this grey scale sweater on sale and I loved the way the intricate pattern of the sweater really popped against a relatively casual weekend outfit. I personally love sweaters with longer than normal sleeves, since I tend to pull them all the way down to cover my hands when it’s cold out, so this sweater was instant gold in my book.

Even thought we’ll be getting back to our winter temperatures this week, I have a feeling that this sweater will be making an appearance a few more times in the upcoming weeks.

So for you friends in the mid-west, what did you guys do in the warm weather? I’d love to know how you spent your Saturday!

Winter Grey Scale Sweater A winter weekend outfit wearing the b.b. dakota grey scale sweater An causal winter outfit featuring a grey scale sweater furla handbag with grey scale sweater Jack by B.B. Dakota Grey Scale Sweater


:: Grey Scale Sweater | Owl Necklace | Skinny Jeans | Tote Handbag | Suede Booties | Lipstick...also loving this color, & this one ::

:: Photography by Cassie Guba & Joann Fuener ::


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