Black Lace on Sunday

DVF Eyelet Dress

Does anyone else set their alarm on Monday morning to play the classic Bangles hit “Manic Monday”? If you don’t, you should because that song is currently the epitome of what every Monday is like for me. I wish it was Sunday, ’cause that’s my funday….

I’ve mentioned numerous times on the blog recently about how one of my big resolutions for 2016 was to purge my closet of all unnecessary/unwanted clothing and basically start anew. In case anyone was wondering, I’m 3 x 3 on sticking to my New Years resolutions and we’re three months into the new year – go me! I took advantage of Shopbop’s major spring sale from last week and stocked up my closet with well fitting classic pieces like this black lace DVF dress and these Kate Spade heels.

For the past few years I’ve been holding on to a $25 H&M black dress that was honestly no longer flattering and was definitely showing its age. I recently sold the dress and have been on the hunt for a style that was much more flattering to my figure while also being age appropriate (because you start to think of these things when you hit your late 20s) and yet had an element of fun. When it comes to stylish dresses for women with curves, Diane von Furstenberg should be at the top of your list. The woman basically invented a universally flattering dress for all women. GENIUS!   This dress was definitely an investment but the black lace detail and 3/4 sleeve can take me from season to season with just a few accessories. DVF for the win!

On the shoe front, I’m in love with this seasons block heel trend. I’ve definitely become a shoe wimp recently and if I can’t comfortably run around the office in my heels, they aren’t worth purchasing. Some of my more beloved heels are currently sitting pretty on top of my shelves for as art. #recylceandreuse

P.S. Living by the lake has some seriously amazing advantages, however major disadvantage – wind. It’s like constantly living in a wind tunnel around my place and therefore no matter how hard I try, flyaway hair is my new norm.

DVF Black Lace Dress DVF Dress Kate Spade Block Heels DVF Black Lace Dress Diane von Furstenberg Lace Dress

:: Photography by Cassie Guba ::


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