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asos, green dress, spring dress, j.crew sandals

This is the year that I’m reaching peak wedding season; I’ve been invited to six weddings which include the two I’ll be attending as a bridesmaid! With so many wedding events in the past and upcoming few weeks, the same question has been running through my mind. What do I wear to a bridal shower? So my answer to that simple question, midi dresses in muted yet elegant colors. This military green dress I recently picked up from ASOS has been my recent go-to dress for various wedding events.  I wore this dress just a few weeks ago to the bridal shower of a dear friend of mine from college where I received so many compliments on the color of this dress.

I’ve been a huge fan of the military green trend for quite some time. In my opinion it’s one of the most flattering colors a girl could wear that prefers to stay out of the sun. Midi dresses come in so many ladylike silhouette, you’ll be able to find one to fit just about any body type.

So my question to you guys. What do you wear to various wedding events?

asos, green dress, spring dress, j.crew sandals asos, green dress, spring dress, j.crew sandals asos, green dress, spring dress, j.crew sandals

:: ASOS Drape Twist Midi Dress | ASOS Suede Belt | J.Crew Buckled Sandal | Urban Outfitters Aviator Sunglasses | Forever 21 clutch ::

:: Photography by Samantha Kramer // Gold Coast Girl ::


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